Designing experiences


June 2016

Designing public spaces

Internship at Bureau Detours


This billboard, located in Gellerup, is not a billboard that people are used to see, but has a new function added to it, that is a dining table with seats. With these billboards we are giving the space back to the citizens, while making billboards attractive to read again. By the time the billboard was finished the municipality of Aarhus was convinced and ordered 3 more.

My tasks

During my internship at Bureau Detours I worked to find smart ways to influence and change a public space by creating objects that change the purpose of the environment. Together with Viola, an urban planner intern, we designed the billboards in a way that it can expand in the length, width, but also the depth.

I have worked on the conceptualisation, scale modelling and together with a carpenter I built the first prototype. Furthermore I did the graphic design for the front and back print, together with an information booklet.


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