Designing experiences

What are you grateful for?

Many people do not realize they are important, and matter in this life. To make people feel happy, the artists Sarah and I built the installation called Nibbana. Inside the installation the visitors feel at ease and get a chance to forget all their problems and lose all sense of time. This moment can be used to give gratefulness a moments thought.

What makes you happy?

Starting with a research to all different forms, causes and experiences of happiness, Marianne Krist and Sarah Reichenbach have developed and interactive installation. Working with natural shape, light, movement, touch, scent, taste and sound, the artists have created a full interactive experience to trigger all the senses of the visitor.


Ribbons with little mirrors presented in a glass jar state the question: "Waar ben je dankbaar voor?" (What are you grateful for?). Visitors may hang those ribbons inside and contribute to the creation, or take them home as a reminder.

My tasks

Together with Sarah Reichenbach we created the concept and research. We visited the Kinetica Art Fair in London to get inspired. I designed and produced the flowers with all the LED lights, making technical drawings, while Sarah worked on the kinetic frame.


September 2013


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