Designing experiences

The rise and fall of the mill

The challenge the smaller museums face today is that they do not get enough visitors. Therefore Nanna, an industrial designer, and I worked on a solution that can help museums to attract more people, by creating a pop-up system that is transportable and the interior can be modified to each exhibition. It is a new way to bring a piece of the museum to the people.

Together with a local history museum, a former mill, we creating a teaser exhibition that evokes the curiosity in people. A link is created to encourage the visitor to come to the museum. This is the packaging, which is specially made for the exhibition and inspired by the former brand of the mill. The visitors are encouraged to put grain in the package and grind it into flour at the mill. In this way, visitors take a piece of the exhibition home as a useful reminder. The exhibition space is designed in an non-traditional way, since experience, interaction and user engagement became more and more important within modern museums.

My tasks

Nanna and I split up our responsibilities during the project where Nanna focused on designing and building the structure while I took care of the exhibition space, graphic design, storytelling and the link to the museum.

The rise and fall of the mill

June - October 2017


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