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The splendour of power

Museum Koldinghus


The exhibition ‘The splendour of power’, which celebrates the 750 years anniversary of Koldinghus, shows jewels and medals that symbolize power. I worked closely together with the curator and exhibition designer.


The image on the left shows the representation of the Danish Royal Bloodline. It starts from 1268, the year Koldinghus was build, until 750 years later, 2018.


Interactive table

The journey of the pearl poire pieces are made visible in this interactive table. Children can move wooden tokens through Europe, that represents the journey of the jewels. In the meantime adults can read more information on the back of the black circle.



Koldinghus has their own corporate identity that needs to be met. With this in mind I designed the 3-fold flayer showing benefits for schools.


Family Tree

This family tree shows how Napoleon I, Marshall Bernadotte and Margrethe II are related, and explains how French jewels ended up in the Danish Royal Collection.

The splendour of power

May - October 2018



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